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ASB Bank will host the ‘Extending Supply Chain into the Future’ event at their North Wharf headquarters in Auckland

New supply chain expo coming in August

With so many innovations being brought to supply chain sectors, an expo is set down for August this year – Extending Supply Chain into the Future.

Recognising the need to understand what may affect future operations, the ASB Bank is supporting the event and will host it at their North Wharf headquarters in Auckland for the day.

Brought together by The Forklift Association (TFA), FTD magazine and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the day will feature leading industry speakers, hardware and software providers, and experts from fields which may seem on the fringe today, but are likely to be central in coming years. 

Topics will include energy systems, adapting our operations for a fast-changing global supply chain, leading increasingly diverse teams, sustainability in supply chain, and optimising operations to remain effective and nimble. Onsite demonstrations will include simulators, hands-on kits for solving the most persistent of problems, and simple competitions to show solutions and win prizes.

Punchy and useful

Andrew Stone of TFA says: “We want it to be punchy and useful. Tickets will be cheap, but numbers limited. Anyone serious about what the next five years will hold will be with us on the day – operations, safety, finance, HR, sustainability.”

“This is an excellent forum for opening the door to what the future may hold for transport and logistics,” says CILT president Cormac McBride. “By understanding the potential opportunities and challenges in the years to come, we can begin to equip ourselves personally and as organisations. The drive to learn more is always there.” 

The Forklift Games will reach their conclusion with the culmination of the national finals. With help from sponsor AB Equipment, regional competitions will have found the best counterbalance and reach truck drivers to send to Auckland for the national finals. The national finals will be contested, and the best in the land will be announced and presented with their titles.

Recognising equipment drivers

Launching at the expo will be the Drivers’ Club – a supply chain industry first that recognises and advances the driving profession, involving drivers of all types of equipment. “From work sites to warehouses, from last mile to line haul, there is as much pressure as ever to efficiently operate equipment to build and supply what the country calls for,” says Mr Stone. 

“Supporting our drivers to advance their skills and careers, while making the most of their current prospects, will be at the centre of the new Drivers’ Club.”

For further information or to be involved, contact Andrew Stone: andrew@tfa.org.nz

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